TED Star and author of the bestsellers Start With Why, Together Is Better and Leaders Eat Last

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Thank you for an incredible keynote on "The Biology of Leadership." Eye opening and thought provoking.

- SPS Commerce


Simon Sinek is on a constant mission to make people better.   Whether as leaders or as team members, his hope is that we learn from his optimism and make a brighter future.

He's the mega-bestselling author of 4 books, including Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action, Leaders Eat Last, and Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose For You and Your Team.

From his amazingly successful TED talk "Start With Why" (with close to 40 million views, the 3rd most watched TED talk ever) to his extremely popular new talk on The Future of The Workforce, Simon Sinek's vast studies of the human condition have made him an authority on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and the WorkPlace.

Simon’s keynote speech discusses the difference between an Entrepreneur and a Non-entrepreneur, specifically noting that an entrepreneur sees what he wants and figures out a way to get it, while the non-entrepreneur only sees the things that prevent him from attaining a goal. He'll discuss Leadership from the basic principles of the characteristics that define a leader and how good leaders both make us feel safe and able to implement our own decisions.

Simon Sinek will challenge your audience to Find The Why in what they do because he believes that Why You Do The Things You Do--and why companies do the things they do, is at the heart of what makes them successful. As Simon says, " People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Understanding that WHY adds a level of belief, authenticity, and trust to what you do on a daily basis.

When Simon Sinek discusses The Future of The Workforce and specifically, Millennials in Today's Workforce, you'll hear him introduce us to a generation of young, ambitious, young people who aren't yet understood by employers,  nor are really prepared for the working world.  Young entrants to the workforce who have grown up in a world of instant gratification are exceedingly impatient--and as a result, they don't take the time to truly find "amazing" in their lives or at their jobs. He feels that what they really need to learn is the understanding that the best things in life take time.

Simon Sinek's optimism, innovative practices and his fascinations with impactful leaders have put him in the international spotlight as a leadership keynote speaker for hundreds of organizations. His keen ability to challenge audiences to be better leaders and better people will leave your group inspired to take fresh and innovative actions.

Speech Topics:

Start With Why, Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe, Millennials In The Workplace


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