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Robin Roberts gave both a heartfelt and thought-provoking speech of the life lessons she continues to learn through her struggles with illness and adversity. By calling attention to dreaming big but focusing small, Robin was able to leave the audience with the key message 'Everybody’s Got Something.'

-  Annual Interfaith Auxiliary Luncheon


Since 2005 Robin Roberts has been a full time co-anchor of Good Morning America. In her inspiring keynote, she asks her audiences to DREAM BIG!

Robin’s had an amazing career and she reminds audiences of the power of networking and working together. As she would say in her keynote or her commencement speech, “proximity is power!”. You’ve got to put yourself where the action is, and that’s exactly what she’s done her whole career.

Armed with a dream of being in broadcasting and wanting some practical experience while still a college student, she went to the local station in Hammond, LA and asked if she could have a sports talk show. Talk about boldness!. She was actually given her own show but in exchange, was asked to DJ during the weekend (and then she discovered it was a country station, which was pretty new to her).  That country music experience served her well, as she grew her career and went onward to other stations in the South.

But she always had big dreams.

She believes that a key part of Dreaming Big is “Focusing Small” which means taking small steps towards your goal and giving each small step your all.  Ultimately, when it came time for her big interview at ESPN, she’d done her homework and thus was able to answer a question that none of the other candidates had: “who won the Heisman that year?”

She tells audiences to avoid saying No and to get in the habit of saying YES, not worrying about the fear factor.  If you wait for fear to pass, you’re going to be sitting on the sidelines for a very long time – As Robin says, “when fear knocks and it will, let faith answer the door”.

She’s an ‘overcomer’, having now beaten cancer twice - something she certainly doesn’t take for granted, but nevertheless, in her inspiring keynote speech, Robin Roberts reminds us that we’re all a bit stronger than we think we are. We’re all going to face challenges and the lessons we learn along our journey towards our Big Dreams are only going to help us overcome those new challenges we’ll certainly come up against.

Robin’s an optimist which she defines as a muscle that gets stronger with use. She doesn’t say ‘why me?’ but instead, she asks what she can learn from adversity and from difficulties. As she would say, “the situation you’re facing isn’t itself the tragedy – the tragedy is if you don’t take the time to understand the meaning of the challenge and thus grow from it”.

We never know what’s in our future, but Robin reminds us not to have a cameo in our life story, but to take the leading role!

Speech Topic:

Dream Big – Focus Small


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