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“Lights, Camera, Innovation was the most powerful Leadership Development, Innovation and Training event we've used – and we've seen them all. Our teams rose to the challenge and found skills we didn't know we had."

- Pepsi Bottling Group


Lights Camera Innovation! is an interactive 3-hour program designed by working Hollywood filmmakers to teach the 5 key themes of innovation. In the course of a half day program, your teams of 15-20 attendees will make a 60-second commercial about your company, your meeting theme, your brand, or your mission statement. It's an amazing mix of Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Decision Making, Bonding, and Fun. It also gives team members who have yet to work together - whether because they’re in different departments or because they’ve just come together in a new merger - a chance to really do something totally unique, creative and memorable together.

Your attendees are first introduced to their facilitators who will lead the teams through the process. Its instant credibility for the audience, as each facilitator has a laundry list of TV and movie credits from NCIS: New Orleans to The Fast and The Furious, Coco, Modern Family, and more. The 15 or so person teams will now write, costume, prop, act, direct, and film a 60-second themed commercial.  Each team member has a specific role in the production process and each team gets an LCI facilitator to lead the process.

Soon, the entire hotel property--from the lobby to the pool to the golf course and of course your meeting rooms and more--will be a bustling movie set!  LCI brings all the cameras, sound, lights, editing, props and costumes--so this is truly a turn-key experience for a meeting professional. 

The Five Keys of Innovation your group will experience include:

  1. Creativity: participants are placed into teams that each must produce a 60-second commercial about your brand, your product or your meeting's theme.  

  2. Speed: each team must write, cast, find props, scout locations, act in and film the commercial before time runs out.

  3. Collaboration: every participant has an active and critical role to play, whether it be actor, director, writer, audio, or simply visionary.

  4. Grit: teams must believe in themselves and persevere together under intense competitive pressure.

  5. Risk Taking: teams must leave their comfort zone in order to unite around something truly unique.

All the commercials are professionally edited and ready to present later that day at your very own Academy Awards and each attendee goes home with a download of all the films made at your event.

Lead producer Dave Wendell and his team will work long hours with you to get creative to develop heavily stylized ideas that fit your Conference theme--whether it's an Incentive Trip, Associates Meeting, National Sales Conference or a New Product Introduction. LCI has produced programs for so many with amazing results: Merck used an Orlando hotel suite as an Operating Room that teams could sign up for and use for filming in 30-minute intervals. Pepsi lined up local Pepsi bottling trucks at the front of their hotel in Palm Desert. Principal Financial had their Eddie the Mascot character as a costume that teams could use at an event here in Los Angeles, and Discover Card teams got very creative with costuming and props as they made films that included three in black-and-white: a Mad Scientist, a Western, and a Private Detective.  One of our homebuilding customers in Houston was so impressed with one of their final commercials that it actually aired on local tv as an advertisement for their company's values. 

Kestra Financial, Bayer, Abbott Labs, Mutual of Omaha, ITT, General Mills, Morton's Steakhouse, Ryland Homes, Hyatt Hotels, Pepsi, Marriott and many more have taken their teams through this memorable process. The reviews are 5-Stars and the results are fantastic. Lights, Camera, Innovation! has produced events for audiences as small as a boardroom meeting of 15 for Pepsi to a 3,000 person National Sales Meeting in Cancun for Marchon Eyewear.  

Speech Topics:

The 5 Keys of Innovation

Creative Decision Making


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