Jason Jennings on Leadership and Business Solutions

One of things that makes leadership keynote speaker Jason Jennings so unique is that not only does he interview the CEO and the main decision makers who chose him for the keynote, he also asks to speak with 8-10 of your audience members, so he can really learn about the company and also get the answer to the question “what keeps you up at night?’ And, when Jason takes your stage, the first thing the audience sees projected on the big screen are all the things that he learned from those calls. For example, ‘You told me you were concerned about growth and the fact that we’re losing so many of our millennial hires”. At the end of the keynote, those same issues are projected once again on the big screen, only at that point, all of them have been addressed. That’s why we call Jason Jennings, the ultimate business solutions speaker!

Jason stands in front of your audience and tells you that in his keynote, he’s about to share 4 leadership secrets that will change the way you do business forever culled from interviews of over 12,000 CEO’s including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and the founder of IKEA) and 6 NY Times Best Selling Books. These secrets focus on A Noble Purpose (Culture), Change, Growth and Good Stewardship - all key facets of Leadership and Business Solutions.

When Jason talks about Culture and A Noble Purpose, he’ll tell you that if you leave his keynote speech with nothing other than this one single idea, his talk will have been meaningful: ‘the right culture is the only competitive advantage you will ever have in business”. He tells you that it doesn’t matter what anyone buys, sells, produces or services, someday someone else is going to do it better, faster or cheaper. The only thing that any business can really truly own is their culture. And as Jason says, you get to have a choice about that culture – it’s either the one you want, the one you work to have, the one you work to make alive and celebrate every single day or the alternative culture that exists by default.


When this terrific keynote speaker talks about Change he explains that great companies reach their full potential by letting go and then asks the audience ‘how many of you know anything about catching monkeys”? Jason Jennings then tells a story about a humane way of catching monkeys, which is wonderful metaphor for the art of letting go. In fact, that’s really the genius of Jennings – key business solutions all wrapped up in stories your audience will never forget!

We just had a request from a major association for a speaker on competition. It turns out that many of their brick and mortar members are losing market share to on-line retailers and have no idea how to respond. Enter Jason Jennings. Jason is typically thought of as a leadership speaker or a change speaker but in truth, he's the ultimate business solutions speaker. He's going to tailor a talk where he'll explain how some great companies have handled this very same issue and those attendees will leave the room excited and ready to respond with tangible next steps.

Garrett Knoll